My Menopause Mix Recipe

I got to this by trial and error and unfortunately I don't know precisely what bit works and what doesn't - all I know is that without it I get hot and horrible after about 2 days. Please remember, I'm not a doctor so none of this is medical advice and you should seek the advice of a medical practitioner.

Root Ginger For MenopauseI make this up as a smoothie in a Vitamix Blender (but only because that’s what I have, you don’t need anything l like that and there are loads of cheap blenders that will do the same thing for you.  The stockists I use are below but if you are outside of the UK you may have to hunt around.  Just so you are under no illusions, this tastes horrid but keeping it icy cold helps.

PLUS – I can’t take oestrogen supplements because I’ve had breast cancer and so I use this exclusively without other stuff – it works for me and also boosts my energy.

2 Tablespoons of Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel

1 inch of fresh root organic ginger (unpeeled)

1 inch of fresh root organic turmeric (unpeeled)

1 tablespoon Coenzyme Q 10 – (I also drink this at mealtimes every now and then)

3 lumps of Duchy Organic Frozen Spinach (or add ice and a green leaf organic veg substitute – like Broccoli, Kale etc.Green smoothie for menopause

A multi-vitamin pill

1 Tablespoon of Spirulina

1 Teaspoon of Wheatgrass

1/2 organic lemon (unpeeled)

1 organic apple (unpeeled)

Added extras could be carrot, banana, strawberries – all organic.

Enough filtered iced water to make it drinkable.


Just stick it all in the blender, blend it as fine as possible and drink it. This makes about 1 pint which quite a lot of fluid as well but I guess that’s good for us too.

In the UK I use Abel and Cole for the Ginger and Turmeric, the spinach comes from Ocado (delivered) or from Waitrose if you visit.  The Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel isn’t available from Amazon or Ebay consistently because the company doesn’t allow it to be sold there. There are loads of distributors around and I became a distributor so you can buy it here

The Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Co-Enzyme Q 10 and the multi-vitamins all come from Costco but are available on Amazon as well.  I use them because they state bio-availability which a lot of them don’t and because they seem to work.

I’ve put together a little Amazon category where you can click through and get some of the stuff – I’ve also included the Vitamix, which could break rocks.  Whilst it’s a super useful kitchen tool, this is only a smoothie and so you can get away with something much cheaper that will do the job – remember though that you need to pulverise the lemon peel as well as ice etc.