This is my take on Tamoxifen, treatment and life during and after breast cancer. Please remember that I’m not a doctor and you must always consult yours before doing anything.

Life After Breast Cancer

Can I Interest You In A Tea Cosy?

This is about another surprising turn since I started sorting out my life after breast cancer. What's that got to do with tea cosies? Well it's all about being ready to take a different path, do something different and in my case something creative. I've always been a...

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Tamoxifen Talk

Tamoxifen And Anxiety. Is There A Link?

I don't know about you, but to me the list of side effects from taking Tamoxifen just seems to keep on racking up and up. Up until now I've avoided reading the list of POTENTIAL side effects on the packet, for fear of attributing every ache, pain and niggle to it, but...

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Are You Taking The RIGHT Tamoxifen?

I bet you thought that one packet of Tamoxifen was much the same as the next.  So did I, and it seems a reasonable assumption. However, I was at a pamper day laid on by the hospital for breast cancer patients when I overheard two women talking about the side effects...

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Should I take Tamoxifen?

One of the side effects of taking Tamoxifen is, apparently, an increased risk of developing Uterine Cancer.  DOH! Please note that I am, along with millions of other women, being prescribed Tamoxifen as a preventative measure against a further outbreak of breast...

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