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This is my take on Tamoxifen, treatment and life during and after breast cancer. Please remember that I’m not a doctor and you must always consult yours before doing anything.

Life After Breast Cancer

Can I Interest You In A Tea Cosy?

This is about another surprising turn since I started sorting out my life after breast cancer. What's that got to do with tea cosies? Well it's all about being ready to take a different path, do something different and in my case something creative. I've always been a...

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Tamoxifen Talk

Are You Taking The RIGHT Tamoxifen?

I bet you thought that one packet of Tamoxifen was much the same as the next.  So did I, and it seems a reasonable assumption. However, I was at a pamper day laid on by the hospital for breast cancer patients when I overheard two women talking about the side effects...

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