Life Gets More Interesting After 50

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You Might Be Getting More Done Than You Think

Have you ever got to the end of a day where you haven't stopped working on your business, but there's...
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I Love Red Wine

Wine's Good For You Ok, I'm seriously Biased If you're hoping for an in-depth argument of the ins and outs...
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Seriously Stressed? When Was The Last Time You Read A Story?

I've said this so many times this week now that I've decided it's something that needs to be said out loud,...

About Sian Scribbles

A Few Words About Sian Scribbles

It's all about freedom

Sian Scribbles is about my journey as a businesswoman, writer and radio show host.  This picture here - a glass of wine, a notebook and something to nibble on sums up my perfect day.

I just love my business - I mean really love it!  After 25 years in local government that really took me by surprise.

A breast cancer survivor with rampant osteoporosis. I like my wine and food just a little too much and have a tendency to worry.

Events & Gallery

Women In Business Events & Radio

The Women In Business Big Show and Women Fab After 50, Women Start-Up and radio show have all rather crept up on me, and now here they all are!


Chatting to crew before the big show opens

Ebbsfleet / UK - 2019

The Women In Business Radio Show On Zoom

Recording the radio show during lockdown

Zooming into Facebook / UK - 2020

Sian Murphy

In The Studio

Ashford Studio / UK - 2020

More Events

The Women Fab After 50 Show - Ebsfleet - June 12th 2021

Women Enterprise Show- London - October 2021

We all have the choice to get off one train and step onto another heading to a more beautiful destination

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