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Sian Scribbles is about what I have found most influential in my life. 

The articles cover health, life and business.  I have personally experienced everything I write about, and often the conclusions reached in a short article are the culmination of several years of research and trying out different things until I find what works. 

Sometimes I just write about stuff which makes me think or laugh.

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful and please leave a comment so I know you’re out there with me. 

My Business Story

Instead of having a plan for my life, I spent years in local government.  I met lovely people and had fun, but mostly it drove me nuts.  With diminishing resources and increasing responsibility, it also became immensely stressful.

Instead of devising a plan to make a change, I buried my head in the sand until I couldn’t stand it anymore and left to start a business – I didn’t know which business you understand.

As if that wasn’t enough, I persuaded my husband to leave his secure, well paid Project Management job and go into business with me.  Within a month we were on our own in business, no income, big ideas but no actual plan.

Two weeks after we had both left, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. That was a right laugh.

So a few years later we have made some mistakes, hooked up with the right people, the wrong people and finally found why we do what we do, what we do and who we do it with.

Turns out I’m a radio show host and interviewer – who knew!  Oh, and I founded the Digital Management Company Stormchasers Digital.

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We all have the choice to get off one train and step onto another heading to a more beautiful destination

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