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Ok, I'm seriously Biased

If you're hoping for an in-depth argument of the ins and outs of if you should be drinking red wine or not, then you're going to be disappointed.  I'm not into long, drawn-out explanations.


I've had breast cancer; I love to have a glass of wine with my dinner.  Perhaps it's my French ancestry (Maman was French) but sitting, sipping, nibbling and chilling is the best close to the day.


So what follows is a totally biased pointing you to the articles and books that I found particularly useful when I was going through the phase where I needed to justify it.


Now I'm a bit older and wiser and understand it doesn't need to be justified.


You may wonder why I mentioned having breast cancer and how that is relevant in the drinking wine debate?  During my treatment, I started reading books like The Wine Diet, and The Rainbow Diet. Both of these books are based around breast cancer and drinking wine.  In the course of my research, I also came across even more articles about how alcohol, including wine, causes breast cancer.


So if there's even the slightest chance the wine causes cancer, why do I drink it?  This is really important.  It's because I enjoy it, and at this point in my life, what I enjoy matters.


So, here are the positive articles, and I'm sure you can go and find even more that is the polar opposite.  You have to make your mind up.









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