The Little Things Count

Women In Business Radio Tweet

I’m not sure if this is a post about branding and the customer experience, or a reminder that we can facilitate significant changes with small actions. Perhaps it’s about both in this little true story.

I met a new young female entrepreneur at an awards ceremony that I had been a judge for – she was accompanying her Dad who was a winner. We got chatting, and it turns out she is a dance instructor who specialises in showing people how they can use dance to improve their situation when dealing with depression. We had a lovely chat, and she was very clearly at the top of her game, and so I invited her onto the radio show to talk about helping with mental illness as well as her experience so far as a business start-up. Like most of us, she wasn’t that confident about her business capabilities as she should be.

So that’s that, she’s booked, and we are now into the admin of it all. As part of the boring usual incidental admin stuff, we send off an email. Job done, apart from the show of course.

But the content of that email was screen-shotted and tweeted. It turns out that this simple admin email was an important part of her business journey, perhaps because it was her first interview invitation? I’ll make sure to ask her.

So, yes every experience, every touch point however small it may seem, can influence your business.

If there are times it seems you’re just treading the boards, you may not be aware of how the smallest actions, play out as a much greater impact on the lives you touch.

So, what can we take from this? Well, I’m going to be reviewing all of the emails I routinely send with a fresh eye to check they brighten the day of the recipient.


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