You Might Be Getting More Done Than You Think

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Have you ever got to the end of a day where you haven't stopped working on your business, but there's nothing to show for it?

No tricky emails sent.

No horrid sales call made.

No report published.

No meaningful social media posts have been created.


At about this time, I usually start beating myself up - in my head, that is.


I've spent the whole day doing stuff, and whatever it is, I'm worn out.  My brain isn't going to be gathering its thoughts together to produce anything cogent this late in the day.


A day totally wasted.


But is it really?  Well, that depends on how you measure things.  If we're focused on outputs, such as pages written, emails sent, calls made, then yes, the day is a total fail.


But what do outputs really achieve beyond being able to tick something off the list?  Well, that depends on the outcome.


Outcomes are what make the difference.


You may have no actual outputs on your desk to show for your day's inputs - or work; no paper may have moved from the in-tray to the done tray.  But, what if you spent the day bumbling around, but during that time, managed to think through a problem that had been holding you back?


Perhaps you came up with a new idea for your next business project?


Did you get an idea about a useful collaboration?


Perhaps your thoughts led you to the idea for your next blog post or mini-course?


A day that generates shift and creates forward momentum for tomorrow is powerfully productive indeed, so never underestimate the power of producing SFA.


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